New Student Admission FIB UNEJ accepts new students through 3 ways of admission, namely the State University National Selection (SNPTN), the State University Entrance Joint-Selection (SBMPTN) and the Great Besuki University Student Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTBR). The SNMPTN admission is used to recruit prospective students who choose the Bachelor Program through academic achievements, other achievements and National Exam scores which are conducted nationally for senior high schools (SMA)/ religious-based senior high schools (MA)/vocation schools (SMK)/religious-based vocation schools (MAK) graduates for the current year. SNMPTN registration is done online by involving schools as initial selectors. In this way of admission, the registration fee is borne by the Government and Bidik Misi scholarships are provided for students who have extraordinary capabilities, but are economically disadvantaged. The SBMPTN admission is used to recruit prospective new students through the Computer Based Writing Examination (UTBK). This exam is administered by the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT). The SBMPTBR route is implemented to recruit prospective new students through a written exam held by the University of Jember together with a number of partner universities located in the Great Besuki area.