English Literature was established based on Decree of the Minister of PTIP no 151 dated 9 November 1964. English Literature became the only department in the Faculty of Tawang Alun University which changed its status from private to public on 10 November 1964 under the name of Jember University.
Prior to the Ministerial Decree, the Faculty of English Literature was located in Banyuwangi.
In the history of its development, the Department of English Literature has 1 study program, namely
English Literature Study Program based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Depdikbud, no 226/Dikti.Kep/1996 dated 11 July 1996. This study program did not have meaningful accreditation at the beginning of its establishment, but in 2014 until October 2019 the English Literature study program had B accreditation, and then in 2019 until now, this study program has successfully achieved A accreditation.