Vision and Mission

Vision of English Literature Study Program
In 2024, English Literature Study Program will become an excellent study programme in the study of English literature, language and culture that emphazises the relationship between text and context, local-global orientation, and ecological insight.

Mission of English Literature Study Program
1. Organizing excellent English Literature education to prepare English Literature graduates who are devout, love the country, humanist, professional, independent, local wisdom, able to adapt in various situations.

2. Developing a research culture in research groups (KeRis) to support research in the fields of literature, language and English culture in a contextual manner.

3. Organizing community service based on research results in the fields of English literature, language and culture.

4. Developing a network of cooperation with stakeholders and domestic and foreign institutions.

5. Organizing the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka Programme (MBKM)