Modular Structure of the Study Programme

The Modular Structure of Study Programme

Projected Study Time 8 semesters
Number of Credit Points (CP) 145 CP (219,11 ECTS)
Workload of CP 1 CP = 1,51 ECTS
Number of Modules/Courses 70 courses
Time required for processing the final thesis and awarded CP 1 semester
Number of contact hours During office hours

The total number of CP that the students should accomplish is 145 credits. They are assigned into 70 courses that are clustered into compulsory (90 CP = 43 courses = 136,00 ECTS) and elective (55 CP = 27 courses = 83,11 ECTS) courses. All courses are distributed to 7 semesters. Each CP is allocated 2,8 hours or 1,51 ECTS, therefore when it is compared to ECTS, the number of total CP is 219,11. Here is the table of course types and their CP.

 The Types of Modules

Type of modules CP ECTS


University compulsory courses 10 (6,9%) 15,11
Faculty compulsory courses 4 (2,8%) 3,02
Study programme compulsory courses 70 (48,3%) 105,78
Final Project 6 (4,1%) 9,07
Elective Courses 55 (37,9%) 83,11
TOTAL 145 (100%) 219,11

To complete all CP within projected time, students are allowed to choose one of two given models. The first model allows students to completely take all courses in the study programme; and the second model lets students to take elective and additional courses outside the study programme through MBKM program. The first model accommodates all 145 CP (219,11 ECTS) provided by study programme, while the second model, after completing all compulsory courses (136 ECTS), allows students to take the rest (83,11 ECTS) outside the study programme through Freedom of Learning-Independent Campus program or mostly known as MBKM.