Associate Prof. Dr. Hairus Salikin, M.Ed.

Surname: Salikin
First Name: Hairus
Date of Birth: 15 October 1963
Academic Qualification: Dr.
Venia Legendi (qualification to teach): Teaching Certificate issued by The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education 2009

Registration Number: 091102515310003

Further Qualifications:


At the Higher Education Institution (to be accredited) since: 1989
Level of Employment (part-time or full- time): Full-time
Teaching Focus:


Interdisciplinary Aspects:

Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Research Methodology,
Language and Media, Western Culture and Society, Intercultural Communication
Activities in the Areas:

–                Further Education

–                Research


–                Consultancy

Doctor in English Language
–      Language and Culture, Language and Society.
–      The Language Acquistion, Language in Use, Language and Media, Applied Linguistics
How are personal research activities reflected in teaching activities? –        The publications are based on the research findings in relation to language in use in real life. This is in line with the teaching of Sociolinguistics.

–            The publications based on research finding in language acquisition to support the teaching of Psycholinguistics

–            The Publication related to the language and media are reflected the practise of teaching Language and Media


Work experience:


–                General




–                Activities as an Expert:

I am a lecturer in English Department Faculty of Humanities University of Jember since 1989 and a lecturer in Master on Linguistics Faculty of Humanities University of Jember since 2014

1.  Examiner in master thesis and doctoral dissertation exam in Cultural and Media Studies Department, art Universitas Negeri Makas

2.  Speaker in some international seminars.

3.  Researcher in language and society.

Publications: Salikin, Hairus. A group of Indonesian Learners Mastery of Tenses and Aspects Advances in Language& Literacy Vol 6 Nomor 5. 2015


Salikin, Hairus, Developing Second and Foreign Language Proficiency: Insights from the learners The Asian EFL Journal Volume 2 December 2016


Salikin, Hairus, Lexical and Contextual Variability of Idiomatic Phrasal Verbs in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movies, Journal of English Language, Literature, and Teaching Volume 01, No. 1, May 201 6


Salikin, Hairus The Indonesian EFL Learners Motivation in Reading English Language Teaching Volume 10 No 5 May 2017


Salikin, Hairus. The Social Media-Approach in Teaching Writing in Jember University International Journal of English Linguistics Volume 7 Nomor 3 June 2017


Salikin, Hairus. The Higher Achiever Students’ Strategies In

English Learning

Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods Vol.7 , Issue. 11

, November (2017)


Factors affecting male and female Indonesian EFL students’ writing anxiety Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics Vol. 9 No. 2, September 2019


Calista, Putri, Hairus Salikin, She’s Really Kind and Hella Weird!

— The Use of Intensifiers among Teens: A Sociolinguistic

Analysis K@ta Volume 22, Number 1, June 2020


Rena Vebriana, Hairus Salikin. Motivation Of Mothers Shopping In Mobile Vegetable Traders In City of Surabaya International Journal of Creativity and Change Volume 11 No 01, 2020


Salikin, Hairus and MutaallimTraditional Madurese Engagement Amids the Social Change of the Kangean Society RETORIKA:JurnalIlmuBahasa Vol. 7, No. 1 April 2021,


Salikin, Hairus, Indah W, Tri Agung. Persuasive Dawah Strategies for Inmates on State Detention Centers in East Java Karsa: Journal of Social and Islamic Culture Vol. 29 No.2, December 2021, pp. 221-247

Memberships: 1.      Member of HISKI (Himpunan Sarjana Kesastraan Indonesia/Indonesian Literature Association)

2.      A memebr of ALTI (Asosiasi Linguistik Terapan Indonesia)

International experience through:

–                Management Activities

–                Academic Activities







–                Personal Background/ Experience

1.  Presenter in Asia TEFL, 12th International Conference and 23rd Melta International Conference in 2017

2.  Presenter in International Conference in RELC Singapore 2015

3.  Presenter in Seminar Nasional Bahasa dan Budaya in Yogyakarta 2017

4.  Presenter in TEFL International Conrefence in Mataram 2019