Dewianti Khazanah, M.Hum

Surname: Khazanah
First Name: Dewianti
Date of Birth: 03 November 1985
Academic Qualification: Master of Humaniora
Venia Legendi (qualification to teach): Teaching Certificate issued by The Ministry of Reasearch, Technology, and Higher Education 2015

Registration Number: 15100102501008

Further Qualifications:


At the Higher Education Institution (to be accredited) since: 2009
Level of Employment (part-time or full-time): Full time
Teaching Focus:

Interdisciplinary Aspects:

Speaking skill, Sociolinguistics, Intercultural Communication
Activities in the Areas:

–               Further Education

–               Research

–               Consultancy

Magister in Descriptive Linguistic Study
Sociolinguistic study
Linguistic landscape study, language attitude studies
How are personal research activities reflected in teaching activities? The publications on linguistic landscape were incorporated as material for teaching Sociolinguistic mainly in the discussion about multilingual society.


Work experience:

–               General


–               Activities as an Expert:

I am a lecturer in English Department Faculty of Humanities University of Jember since 2009.
Publications: Khazanah, D., Sampurna, H., Kusumaningputri, R., Setiarini, R., & Supiastutik, S. (2021). A Linguistic Landscape Study of English in Yogyakarta: Its Representation of Power in Commercial Boards. ELLITE: Journal of English Language, Literature, and Teaching, 6(2), 92–102.

Kusumaningputri, R., & Khazanah, D. (2021). Indonesian undergraduates ’ perspectives of translanguaging. International Journal of Practices in Teaching and Learning (IJPTL), 1(2), 1-5

Khazanah, D., & Kusumaningputri, R. (2021). Unpacking Multilingualism in Tourism Peripheries in Bali: Taking a Look into Private Shop-fronts. K@Ta, 23(1), 28–37.

Putri, C., Salikin, H., & Khazanah, D. (2020). She’s Really Kind and Hella Weird! ─ The Use of Intensifiers among Teens: A Sociolinguistic Analysis. K@Ta, 22(1), 36–45.

Kusumaningputri, R., Khazanah, D., & Setiarini, R. (2017). Framework for Investing Indonesian Efl Listening Materials With Character Education. TARBIYA: Journal of Education in            Muslim            Society,            4(2),            184–199.

Khazanah, d. (2012). Kedudukan bahasa Jawa ragam krama pada kalangan generasi muda: Studi kasus di desa Randegan kecamatan Dawarblandong, Mojokerto dan di dusun Tutul kecamatan Ambulu, Jember. Pengembangan Pendidikan, 9(2), 457–466.

Memberships: Perkumpulan Peneliti dan Penulis Ilmu Sosial Indonesia (PERIISAI) or Indonesian Association of Social Science Writers and Researchers
International experience through:

–               Management Activities

–               Academic Activities






–               Personal Background/ Experience

1.     Presenter in The twelfth International Conference on Applied Linguistics organized by the Language Cemnter of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia 2019

2.     Presenter in the 62nd TEFLIN International Conference hosted by university of PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya 2016



Other: Appointed as a member of adjudicators board of University of Jember selection for National University Debating Competition 2017-2018