Dyah Purwita Wardani SWW., M.A.

Surname: Wardani SWW
First Name: L. Dyah Purwita
Date of Birth: 28th September 1971
Academic Qualification: Master Degree
Venia Legendi (qualification to teach): Certified Professional Lecturer issued by The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education 2014

Registration Number: 14100102503386

Further Qualifications:


At the Higher Education Institution (to be accredited) since: 2005
Level of Employment (part- time or full-time): Full-time
Teaching Focus:

Interdisciplinary Aspects:

Activities in the Areas:

–               Further Education

–               Research

–               Consultancy

Master of Art ( American Studies)
American Literature and Culture, Gender Studies
American Literature and Culture, Gender Studies
How are personal research activities reflected in teaching activities? Research in American literature and Culture is reflected in teaching Sociology of Literature, Literary Performance, Science Fiction and Cyber Literature, Children and Teen Literature, Introduction to American Literature etc.


Work experience:

–               General


–               Activities as an Expert:

A Lecturer of English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Jember University ( 2005-present)
Publications: Wardani SWW, L. D. P. (2012). Evil as Seen in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The House of Seven Gables. Kultur, 4(1), 75–81. http://repository.unej.ac.id/handle/123456789/79132

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https://jurnal.unej.ac.id/index.php/prosiding/article/view/1998 2/8733

Wardani SWW, L. D. P., & Lestari, V. R. A. (2020). The Representation of Social Class Conflicts in Ally Condie’s Matched (Representasi Konflik Kelas Sosial pada Novel Matched Karya Ally Condie). Atavisme, 23(2), 220–232. https://doi.org/DOI:10.24257/atavisme.v23i2.684.220-232

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https://doi.org/10.31503/madah.v11i1.232 https://madah.kemdikbud.go.id/index.php/madah/article/view/ 232/202

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Fahma, A. N., Basuki, I., & Wardani, L. D. P. (2021). Racial Problems in Zadie Smith’s On Beauty. Leksema: Jurnal Bahasa            Dan            Sastra,            6(2),            181–197. https://doi.org/10.22515/ljbs.v6i2.4276 https://ejournal.uinsaid.ac.id/index.php/leksema/article/view/4 276/1541

Wardani, L. D. P., Pratiwi, A. A., & Supiastutik, S. (2022). Female Subjects Oppressions in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones. Jambura Journal of English Teaching and Literature, 3(1), 1–11. https://doi.org/10.37905/jetl.v3i1.13971 https://ejurnal.ung.ac.id/index.php/jetl/article/view/13971/pdf

Memberships: 1.     American Studies Society of Indonesia ( ASSINDO) 2017- present

2.     HISKI (Indonesian Literature Scholars Association) 2021- present

3.     Kelompok Pecinta Bacaan Anak-KPBA Society for the Advancement of Children literature 2018 -2021

International experience through:

–               Management Activities

–               Academic Activities


–  Personal Background/ Experience

As a presenter in International Conference on English Language Teaching, Literature and Translation (ELTLT 6th, 7th, 8th) organized by UNNES Semarang in 2017, 2018 and 2019