Empowering PKKM, UNEJ English Literature Invites Foreign Lecturers

English Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Jember held a public lecture event on Saturday and Sunday, 12 and 13 November 2022 at Sultan Takdir Alisjahbana Hall, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, UNEJ. The study program invited overseas lecturers from Malaysia and Slovenia in the realisation of activity 2 of the Independent Campus Competition Program (PKKM).

The public lecture “Introduction to Literature & Teens and Children’s Literature” was attended by 80 English Literature students and 20 English Literature lecturers. The first speaker was Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Nazri Bin Latiff Azmi as the Dean of the Faculty of Language and Communication from Universiti Sultan Zaenal Abidin, Malaysia. His theme was “Literature: To Teach or Not to Reach? That’s the Question,” while the second speaker, Prof. Dr. Milena Mileva Blazic as Professor of children’s literature from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia delivered material entitled “World Children Literature.”

Coordinator of English Literature Study Programme, Indah Wahyuningsih, S.S, M.A. said that this public lecture aims to strengthen and improve the quality of Introduction to Literature and Teens and Children’s Literature courses. By attending this guest lecture, students are expected to enrich their insights and knowledge in the field of literature,” she explained when interviewed in the English Department Room, Thursday (10/11/2022). Furthermore, this Koprodi added that the guest lecturers this time were experts in the field of literature.
The visiting lecturer invited for the realisation of Activity 2 PKKM is not the first time, but the second and third for foreign visiting lecturers, as well as the presence of the sixth and seventh of the nine visiting lecturers who have been planned to attend in 2022. “The overseas lecturer and practitioners this time are the second and third invited public lecturers from abroad in the English Literature Study Program, as well as the sixth and seventh of the nine practitioners planned to attend in 2022 for English Literature Study Program students,” he explained.

Furthermore, Koprodi hopes that through PKKM, English Literature Study Program can improve the quality of its courses, lecturers, and students so that the hope of realising a leading study program that is able to transform into an international study program can be achieved.