Erna Cahyawati, M.A

Surname: Cahyawati
First Name: Erna
Date of Birth: 27 August 1973
Academic Qualification: Master Degree
Venia Legendi (qualification to teach): Certified Professional Lecturer issued by The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education 2011

Registration Number: 0027087305

Further Qualifications:


At the Higher Education Institution (to be accredited) since: 1999
Level of Employment (part-time or full-time): Full-time
Teaching Focus:

Interdisciplinary Aspects:

Literature –Society -Culture
Activities in the Areas:
–        Further Education Magister of Humanities (American Studies)
–        Research American Literature and Culture
–        Consultancy American Literature and Culture
How are personal Research in American literature and Culture is reflected in teaching
research activities History of English and American Literature, Science Fiction -Cyber
reflected in teaching Literature, Diasporic Literature, Adaptation Studies, Sociology of Literature
activities? etc.


Work experience:

–               General


–               Activities as an Expert:

A Lecturer of English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Jember University ( 1999-present)
As a Secretary of Bussiness, Art and Culture Incubator, Community Service Institution, Jember University 2012-2013.


Publications: Cahyawati, Erna. (2009). Turning East as A Protest to Western Anthropocentricism: A Study on Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums. Semiotika, 10(02).

Cahyawati, Erna. (2011)The Beats’ Spiritual Seeking For East as The Rebellion to American Conformity in The Post War Era. Semiotika. 12(2)

Cahyawati, Erna. 2012. Trancendentalism in American Romantic Literature. Semiotika.13(1)

Cahyawati, Erna. 2014. Asian Values Found in American Literature. In Proceedings of The First International Conference of Art and Art Education on Indonesia (pp. 790-798). Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Yogyakarta State University.

Cahyawati, Erna. 2020. The Spirit of Freeedom Against Dehumanization in Douglass’ The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slaves. Semiotika. 21(1)


Memberships: Association of Social Science Researchers and Writers in Indonesia (2021-present)
International experience through:

–               Management Activities


–               Academic Activities


–               Personal Background/ Experience

As A Master of Ceremony in International Book Review on Diana L. Eck’s A New Religious America organized by USA Embassy in Indonesia and Gadjah Mada University in 2006
As A Speaker in The First International Conference of Art and Art Education on Indonesia organized by Yogyakarta State University in 2014.