Financial Support for Students


Djarum scholarship is offered for the most outstanding students whose university is Djarum’s partnership. The scholarship grantees are awarded 1 million per month and are required to join series of Djarum programs to align their hard skills (academic achievements) and soft skills. This scholarship award sets purposes on bringing about humans with highly intelligent and emotional competence. 

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Bank Rakyat Indonesia

BRILian Scholarship is particularly for students who are in the 5th to 8th semester. Some benefits that successful granted students may receive are tuition fees, pocket money, thesis writing funding, and even laptop. Since this scholarship is aimed at developing students’ leadership, those who are awarded this scholarship must participate in BRILian scholarship programs, such as workshop, character building, internship program, BRI case study program, and BRI company visit. Fortunately, the selected scholarship awardees may possibly be recruited through BRILian Future Leader Program (BFLP)

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Beasiswa Bintang Mandiri

Bintang Mandiri scholarship is under the management of Mandiri Amal Insani Foundation that gives education funding for 12 month-time. The candidates should be the 5th to 7th semester students whose GPA is 3,00 at minimum and are willing to participate in some provided programs such as social contribute challenge, performance coaching, development program, and volunteering program in Indonesia.

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Pertamina Sobat Bumi Scholarship

Pertamina Foundation (PF) scholarship offers a competitive challenge for Indonesian university students to be granted for their tuition fee and living cost. With three sorts of achievement scholarships (Regular Achievement, Special Achievement, and Eastern Indonesian Achievement), PF names them under “Sobat Bumi” (Earth Friends) Scholarship. The applicants should be still on their on-going study in the 2nd, 4th, and 6th semester.

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