Irana Astutiningsh, M.A.

Surname: Astutiningsih
First Name: Irana
Date of Birth: 5 Juli 1974
Academic Qualification: M.A
Venia Legendi (qualification to teach): Teaching Certificate issued by The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education 2013

Registration Number:13100102500868

Further Qualifications:


At the Higher Education Institution (to be accredited) since: 2005
Level of Employment (part-time or full- time): Full-time
Teaching Focus:




Interdisciplinary Aspects:

Science Fiction and Cyber Literature, Literary Enjoyment, Cultural Theories, Structuralism and Poststructuralism, Postmodernism and Postcolonialism, and Literary Research Methodology.
Literary, Cultural and media studies
Activities in the Areas:

Further Education





Magister (M.A) in Cultural and Media Studies
– Media and Cultural Studies, Popular literature, postcolonial literature, cyber literature, postmodern literature, fandom and literature.
– Cyber literature, Cyberpunk, Dystopian novel, diasporic novel, postmodern fiction
How are personal research activities reflected in teaching activities? – The publications based on research findings in cyber literature are incorporated as materials for Science fiction and cyber literature

– The publications based on research finding in diasporic literature and postmodern literature are incorporated as materials for Postmodernism and Postcolonialism


Work experience:





Activities as an Expert:

I have been a lecturer in English Department Faculty of Humanities University of Jember (undergraduate program) since 2005
– Invited speaker in literary, cultural, and media studies conference and seminar.

– Researcher in literary, media and cultural studies

Publications Astutiningsih, Irana, Zafirna Arofifah & Hat Pujiati. 2021.

„Formulaic Structure in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis

Carrol“. Haluan Sastra Budaya Vol. 5 No. 1

 Astutiningsih, Irana & Dwi Fatmawati. 2020.“Multilayer Racism as

Represented in Aundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things“.

Semiotika Vol 21 No. 1, 2020.

 Astutiningsih, Irana & Hat Pujiati. 2019. „Perspektif Santri dalam Karya Sastra:Sebuah Representasi Wacana Religius- Humanis“. Haluan Sastra Budaya, Vol. 5 No. 1

 Astutiningsih, Irana, Dio Prasetyohadi & Hat Pujiati. 2018. „Magic

realism-like in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream“.

Jentera, Vol 7. No.1

 Astutiningsih, Irana, Hat Pujiati & Zamrudia Maharani. 2017 „The Construction of Racism in Edward P. Jones‘ The Known World: A Genetic Structuralism Analysis“. Metahumaniora. Vol. 7 No.1

 Astutiningsih, Irana, M. Fadil Abdillah& Eko Suwargono. 2017. Young Ju’s Hybrid Identity in A Na’s A Step from Heaven. Publika Budaya. Vol. 5 No. 2

 Astutiningsih, Irana. 2013. „Laki-laki Cantik di Mata Perempuan: Konstruksi Tubuh Superhero dalam Sastra Cyber“. Jentera, Vol 2. No. 2

International experience through:


Academic Activities






Personal Background/ Experience

1.  Presenter at International Conference on English Literary Studies and Cultural Studies in Novotel Hotel Surakarta, 2018.

2.  Presenter at International Conference on Language, Literatureand Cultural Studies in Burapha University, Thailand, 2013.

Member of Matatimoer Institute Jember (2016 – now)