Modes of Courses

Full Time Study:

Compulsory Courses (84 credit points)

Compulsory Courses are courses that are obligatorily enrolled to successfully complete the study programme. Students have to accomplish all Compulsory Courses, unless they fail to graduate as Bachelor of Literature, Language, and Culture.

 Final Project (Compulsory) (6 credit points)

Final Project is one of the compulsory courses for undergraduate students. Final Project should be examined by the assigned examination committee to ensure that it meets the academic requirements and reliability.

 Elective Courses (55 credit points)

Elective Courses are the courses that are reckoned to be students’ credits for graduation, but are outside the core curriculum (Compulsory Courses). Students are allowed to choose a variety of subjects outside of the main field of study that can be taken in other colleges or universities, or through MBKM program that offers 8 learning activities.

Classroom Based Learning

Classroom Based Learning is the learning activity conducted face-to-face in a classroom. It enables students to interact directly with lecturers and to facilitate intervening once for encountering difficulties.

Blended Learning

Blended learning or hybrid learning is the learning activity conducted through face-to-face meeting between lecturer and some students, and online with others within one classroom interaction. It facilitates students of all types of learners – those who learn better with the presence of instructor and those who learn better with computer-based assistance.