Sabta Diana, M.A.

Surname: Diana
First Name: Sabta
Date of Birth: September, 19 1975
Academic Qualification: Master of Arts
Venia Legendi

(qualification to teach):

Teaching Certificate issued by The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education issued on 2013

Registration Number 130010070193

Further Qualifications:
At the Higher Education Institution (to be accredited) since: 2006
Level of Employment (part-time or full-time): Full Time
Teaching Focus: Critical Discourse Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Language Gender and Literature, Semantics and Pragmatics, Phonetics and Phonology, Intercultural Communication, Introduction to Linguistics, Language and Media
Interdisciplinary Aspects: Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Gender and Media
Activities in the Areas:  
–        Further Education Master Degree in Linguistics
–        Research Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Gender in Media, Literary Text and Film, Critical Discourse Analysis
–        Consultancy Critical Discourse Analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics and Multimodal Discourse, Pragmatics studies on Literary Text and Films, Gender Representation in Text and Film
How are personal research activities reflected in teaching activities? My Research is basically linguistic analysis under the framework of Critical Discourse Analysis which studies relation of power, gender in the media and films and other texts. Such findings will be a useful ground to teaching activities in classroom and broaden insights and contexts to both myself and my students over the subjects taught in the classes. Linguistic analysis is also taught in the class through Discourse Analysis, Semantic and Pragmatics Class. Social theories especially Post Structuralism also become the basis to untie or deconstruct the texts as Critical Discourse Analysis becomes the framework of my analysis.
Work experience:  
–        General A lecturer in English Departement Faculty of Humanities University of Jember for Undergraduates Studies
–        Activities as an Expert: Researcher in Literary, cultural, media and film studies

Members of Critical Language and Literary Studies Research Group

Publications: Diana, S. 2013. Analysing Metaphors in Kahlil Gibran’s Nymphs of the Valley Jurnal Pengembangan Pendidikan Universitas Jember Volume 8 (2)


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Tesla, M,N., Indah Wahyuningsih, Sabta Diana. 2020. The Disclosure of Dark Humor and Comedic Sociopathy through Incongruities Made by the Villain The Joker in the Dark Knight Movie. Haluan Sastra dan Budaya. 4 (1)

International experience through:  
–        Management Activities Staff of International Office University of Jember 2016 – 2021
–        Academic Activities Indonesian Language Teacher for University of Jember International Cultural Camp UJICC
–        Personal Background/ Experience