E-CAMP (English Camp)

This event is conducted by 1st Division, which held every year. E-Camp is made for freshmen as annual inauguration and purposely to give freshmen knowledge about college-life and how English Department students should be. At this event, the committees also give workshops which given by lectures. There are also outdoor games that encourage the freshmen to use their English abilities in daily life and to develop their soft-skills to be applied in their college-life. 


E-Charity (English Charity)

English Charity is happened to be one of 3rd Division’s programs. As its name, this event’s goal is earning donation for unfortunate students by teaching English. Besides teaching, the form of this program is also by giving some the school’s equipments and books needed. The committees do the charity in Sunday morning till evening. Teaching the students is not easy, but we use fun method in teaching the students to make them enjoy the class. The students are very happy and enthusiastic. It makes the students easier to understand the material. This event is one of the traineeship events for the freshmen who want to join EDSA—before they can be the active members of EDSA.


English V-Art (English Vacation Art)

English Vacation Art is an event that is held in the end of each period before the annual congress. It is like homecoming camp and gathering—usually in a mountain, beach, or other tourism objects—and spends the night together. At night, we make a circle and share our thoughts about the past years and explore what we have been through, what we have achieved and haven’t yet. Thus, we perform some performance (like acoustic stage, performing dramas, or simply just singing together) so we can feel the warmth and togetherness with the members of EDSA. This event will be able to trigger the members of EDSA’s passion to develop and escalate EDSA’s performance in the next period.